Top 10 web hosting companies in South Africa in 2020

Key to building credibility for your business or organization is having a website that speaks for you. To set one up, you just need to have a suitable domain name and a good web host. A domain name is the web address that internet users will use to locate your site on the internet. A web host is the company that provides a platform for your website so you can have an online presence. Most web hosts will usually offer domain name registration alongside other services. That means your web hosting company can also be your domain registrar. Let’s have a look at the top 10 web hosting companies in South Africa in 2020:

1. Woza Africa

Top 10 web hosting companies in South Africa in 2020

Despite being relatively new in the South African market, Woza Africa is a trend setter when it comes to cheap yet reliable services. The company boasts a unique product, the student cloud- a web hosting package going for only R7.00 per month that is well suited for students and young developers. Woza Africa also offers the cheapest .co.za domain at only R50.00 per year. Even with prices that will hardly scratch your budget, you are still guaranteed a powerful platform. Other products to look out for include professional emails, SSL certificates, virtual machines, and ready-made websites.

2. Afrihost

The brainchild of three best friends, Afrihost is a web hosting, broadband and telecom service company that was started with an aim to delight its clients with excellent service and amazing products. The providers are so passionate about giving you only the best that they have a 60day-double moneyback guarantee. You can get Linux, Windows and cloud hosting with Afrihost. Other products include dedicated servers, reseller servers, domains and SSL certificates.

3. Xneelo

Formerly Hetzner, Xneelo is your one-stop shop for all things hosting. You can get started with their R99 per month web hosting package. Whenever you are ready to upgrade, there are multiple other packages to try out. Ranging from the volume plan and self-managed servers to the colocation server packages, you get to enjoy peak performance on your site.

4. Gridhost

With Gridhost, you are presented with a full suite of services to get your web business growing. They offer complete solutions such as web hosting, domain registration, reseller options, email hosting, SSL certificates, website building, and even company registration. Their add-ons such as web optimization and Facebook marketing help get your business on the right track.

5. Domains.co.za

At Domains.co.za, it’s not just about web hosting. The company offers solutions to those wanting to register their domains as well as those also looking to start a domain registrar business. Domains.co.za have a .co.za registry. They provide a White labelled Registrar EPP control panel for .co.za domain name management. Besides that, they also offer cloud server, SSL certificate and bulk emailing services.

6. Web4africa

Web4africa has been around since 2002. The company has 5 data centers across Africa. They have two in South Africa, one in Kenya, one in Nigeria and another in Ghana. They pride in their resilient dual-stack IP network and enterprise-grade dedicated servers. You can get a web hosting package with them with as little as $2. Other products they offer include domains, reseller packages, VPS, and collocation servers.

7. Register Domain

Started in 2005, Register domain is popular for offering solutions geared toward entrepreneurs, small and medium size businesses. Their basic hosting package going for R180 per year comes with 500mb disc space. The company helps create meaningful web presence through their products that include web hosting packages, domains, reseller products and email hosting.

8. Elitehost

Elitehost was founded in 2005 as a small business. It has since grown to become one of the most established companies in the SouthAfrican hosting market. The premium web host has data centers in Johannesburg. From web hosting and reseller hosting to VPS and domains, there’s a lot you can get with them. There is a 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t get satisfied with their shared and reseller hosting offers and a 15-day money back for the VPS hosting.

9. Smartweb

Smartweb is a provider of domain registration, web hosting, DIY website builder, managed WordPress, web security and SSL certificates. The company assures you of maximum web performance with their hyper-fast SSD disc drives. Get their starter web hosting package at R59 per month.

10. Hostafrica

With over 15 years of experience, Hostafrica is one reliable host. Their powerful VPS and cloud servers are what your demanding web applications need. They also offer domain registration, SSL certificates, website builders, web security, and reseller programs. The web starter package going for R69 per month comes with a free .co.za domain, a 2GB disc space, and 5GB web traffic.