How to Transfer a Domain from Mweb to Woza

How to Transfer a Domain from Mweb to Woza

South African second largest ISP owned by Internet Solutions. Internet Solutions is a subsidiary of Dimension Data. MWEB provides ADSL, WiFi, Fibre To The Home, LTE Advanced, Web Hosting, VoIP, Gaming and email services. This article provides steps to move your account from MWEB to a dedicated cloud company Woza Africa.

Woza Africa provides dedicated cloud services including domain name registration and management, email services, SSL Certificates, Web hosting and Cloud Servers.

  1. Login on your Mweb Client Area.
mweb clients login


Locate and access Domain/My Domain

Against the Domain Name to Transfer, select Manage Domain Option

Locate and click Get EPP Button

Confirm an EPP is generated and sent your email or displayed for you to copy

Armed with the Domain EPP

Go to Woza Cloud client area


If new to Woza Cloud, Register your account at Woza.

Login to Woza Cloud

Under Store Locate the Domain Menu

Locate and Click Transfer Domain to US

woza domains

Fill in the domain name and EPP code and click Add to Cart

Proceed to complete order and order additional services.

Welcome to Woza.Africa

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