Data centers in South Africa

There at least 20 data centers in South Africa distributed in 4 major cities in South Africa as featured on Woza Africa or Woza.io


Johannesburg is leading city in Africa with number of data centers. There are more than 14 data centers in Johannesburg.

BCX Midrand NDC1

BCX Midrand National Data center 1 is a facility owned and operated by Business Connection – one of the largets Data Center operators in South Africa.

BCX Midrand NDC 1 is located at International Business Gateway, Junction of New Road and 6th Road , 0 Midrand, South Africa.

New Telco South Africa

A neutral carrier data center serving colocation and cloud services Vendor. New Telco South Africa is locates on Alexandra Avenue, 1685 Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa.


Vodacom Johannesburg

Vodacom have a collocation data center off 82 Vodacom Boulevard, 0 Midrand, South Africa. Vodacom data center is open for collocation and cloud services.


BCX Midrand NDC2

Business Connexion is one of the leading datacenter service provider in South Africa. Business Connexion runs more than 3 Tier IV data centers that support high quality colocation and cloud services vendors in South Africa.

BCX Midrand NDC2 is located at International Business Gateway Park, Midrand, 1685 Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Crown Mines Data Centre

Crown Mines Data Center is a Tier II data center facility operated by Business Connexion – the largest Data center Service provider in South Africa. Crown Mines Data Center is located along 2 Presss Avenue, Crown Mines JHB, 1685 Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

MTN Johannesburg

A data center owned and operated by Telco Giant MTN. The data center is run by MTN Business. The data center is located at 113 Bowling Avenue, 2191 Sandton, South Africa. Data center is open for collocation services and cloud vendors.

internet solutions Johannesburg

Internet Solutions runs another collocation data center facility on 57 Sloane Street, 2010 Bryanston, South Africa.

Check out collocation and cloud services by Internet Solution from this facility.


Vox DataPro Johannesburg

Vox DataPro – Vox.co.za operates another datacenter on Rutherford Estate, 1 Scott Street, Block D, 2090 Waverley, South Africa. This facility support colocation and cloud vendors.

Telemedia Rivonia Teleport

Telemedia Rivonia Teleport is another data center that features both satellite and fiber connectivity. The facility supports colocation and cloud services. The facility is owned and operated by Telemedia (PTY) LTD.

Data Center address is on 17, 9th Avenue, Rivonia, 2128 Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Neotel Data Center

Neotel data center is a data center facility that support colocation and cloud vendors. The facility is located at 44 Old Pretoria Road, 0 Midrand, South Africa.


Internet solutions Johannesburg #2

Internet Solutions Data Center 2 is a facility that supports collocation and is run by Internet Solution. Its located at
158 Jan Smuts Avenue, 2nd Floor, 2196 Johannesburg, South Africa.


Teraco Johannesburg

Teraco Data Environments (Pty) Ltd operates and a Vendor Nuetral Data Center in Johannesburg.

Teraco data center is located at 5 Brewery Street, 1600 Johannesburg, South Africa.


Imagine IPS runs the Rosebank data center facility that support cloud and colocation services. The facility is located at 158 Jan Smuts, 2121 Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.


Dynamic Cloud Solutions Midrand

There is one collocation data center in Midrand, Johannesburg located in Gauteng.

Dynamic Cloud Solutions – Bladeroom provides cost effective collocation cloud services. The data center is located Off Tlokwa Road, 0157 Samrand, Gauteng, South Africa.


Cape Town

There are 4 data centers in Cape Town.

Internet Solutions – Cape Town

It’s a carrier nuetral data center that support cloud colocation services.

Located in 34 Bree Street, 11th Floor

8001 Cape Town

South Africa


Vox Datapro

Vox Datapro data center is not a neutral carrier, allow collocation for cloud services.

Located in Colinton House, 1 Oakdale Road, 2nd Floor

7700 Newlands

South Africa

RSAWEB Internet Services

Data center in Cape Town South Africa run by RSAWEB. Located in 34 Bree Street, 8001 Cape Town, South Africa. RSAWEB data center is a Carrier Neutral and supports cloud collocation.

Teraco Cape Town

Teraco provides neutral Data Centers in South Africa. Teraco data center in Cape Town is located at Great Westerford Building, Dean Street and Main Road, 7735 Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.


There are two colocation data centers in Durban in South Africa.

Internet Solutions – Durban

This is not a neutral carrier data center but it provides collocation services

Internet Solution Data Center is located in 3 Sugar Close, 0 Umblanga, South Africa.


Teraco Durban

Teraco Durban is vendor carrier neutral data center that supports collocation and cloud services.

Teraco Durban is located at Unit 9-11 Riverhorse Valley Park, 4001 Durban, KwaZulu, Natal, South Africa.

Telephone: +27 (0) 11 573 2800 or 0860 837 226

Port Elizabeth

There is one major collocation data center in Port Elizabeth.

Internet Solutions Port Elizabeth

Internet Solutions data center in Port Elizabeth, is a not a neutral carrier but supports cloud Collocation services.