Cheapest VPS Servers in South Africa

Cheapest VPS Servers in South Africa

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Virtual Private Servers (VPS) hosting can be said to be the crossing between shared and dedicated hosting. You get to enjoy the great benefits of a dedicated server at only a fraction of the cost. VPS is similar to shared hosting in that your website shares a physical server with other websites. The different lies in how the resources are shared. When you host your website with a VPS, you have your own operating system. It follows therefore that your website’s performance is unaffected by others. What’s more, VPS hosting comes with greater flexibility and security. It is most ideal for advanced websites, eCommerce websites and any website that is looking to scale up.

While a VPS comes close to a dedicated server in performance, it is much cheaper. You can get a basic VPS plan with as little as R59.00 per month. Have a look at the cheapest VPS servers in South Africa in the table below:

  Company Price (Rand per month) RAM SSD space Bandwidth/traffic
1. Host King.co.za   R59 0.5GB 10GB 100GB
2. Woza Africa   R76 2GB 20GB Unlimited
3. Web Telecom services   R99 1GB 20GB 100GB
4. Telasera Technologies   R99 1GB 20GB 100GB
5. Virtual Servers.co.za   R99 1GB 20GB 500GB
6. VPS.co.za   R100 1GB 20GB 500GB
7. Host Africa   R100 1GB 10GB Unlimited
8. Cloud.co.za   R100 1GB 20GB 500GB
9. Paradigm Solutions   R110 512mb 20GB 2TB
10. Milesweb   R150 1GB 25GB 1TB
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