Best Domain Registrar in South Africa

Best Domain Registrar in South Africa

Who is the best domain registrar in South Africa? There are tens of domains registrars operating in South Africa, both local and international companies. This includes both ICANN accredited registrars as well as other registrars who are not ICANN accredited, but are registered with ZACR as domain registrars in South Africa.

Choosing the Best Domain Registrar

Identifying the best domain registrar in South Africa is not a straight forward task. What is the criteria for choosing a registrar? There are many factors to consider, but the following are key:

  1. Domain pricing

Domain prices are determined by both the domain registrars and the respective registry. Since a domain name is a standard product, the cheaper the registrar the better. In this case, the cheapest registrars in South Africa are:

  • Woza
  • Register Domain SA
  • Afrihost
  • Host Africa
  • Web4Africa
  1. Transfer Policy

Most registrars allow one to transfer a domain in and out, although with a few terms and conditions. Some might not allow any form of transfer, while others lock you in for a given period of time before you can transfer out. The best domain registrar should:

  • Allow you to transfer out at will
  • Provide affordable or free transfer in. This is dependent in the domain extension.
  • Allow one to choose their own name servers.

  1. Domain Add-on service provided

Besides acquiring a domain, there are several others services that one might need that are associated with the domain. A good registrar should be able to provide as many as such of these services. They include:

  • Domain parking
  • Domain privacy
  • DNS management

  1. Additional service provided by the registrars

One acquires domain name with the intention of using it, and thus might require other associated service in order to be able to utilize their domain. Such services include:

  • Internet/Web hosting services
  • SSL certificates
  • Web design services and support
  • Email services
  • Technical support

Based on the above factors, the 5 best domain registrars in South Africa are

  1. Woza
  2. Register Domain SA
  3. Afrihost
  4. Host Africa
  5. Web4Africa

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