Afrihost Web Hosting Packages

Afrihost Web Hosting Packages

Afrihost Web Hosting Packages

Afrihost is a web hosting and internet service provider company in South Africa which provides reliable web hosting service. Afrihost has various web hosting packages that are suitable for various needs, as highlighted below.

Afrihost Linux Web hosting Packages

There are various web hosting plans under this package by Afrihost. These are:

Silver Home 29 1 50
Gold Home 49 2 75
Platinum Home 59 3 200
Bronze Pro 75 4 500
Silver pro 109 10 2,000
Gold Pro 175 20 5,000
Platinum Pro 419 Unlimited Unlimited

Afrihost Windows Hosting

Afrihost offers ASP.net hosting for windows applications and website, from a starting price of R59 per month.

Cloud Hosting

Afrihost offers cloud hosting for individuals and corporates. This option includes both managed and unmanaged hosting, starting from R310 per month.

Specialized Hosting

Afrihost also offers specialized hosting such as:

  • Reseller hosting, which one can use to start their own hosting business. This goes for as little as R 510 per month
  • Dedicated server hosting. With this option, one gets a dedicated server from Afrihost with which to host their website. This hosting costs from R970 per month.
  • Rack hosting involves hosting custom hardware, and this can vary depending on the Rackspace that is needed.
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